• GCE Energy Consulting GmbH

    Experts in Energy Efficiency

  • GCE Energy Consulting GmbH

    Experts in Energy Efficiency


Our services

Sometimes you have to think outside the box to seal the deal. In order to provide effective solutions, we are constantly keeping hold of the big picture and develop our competence within a tight expert network.

Our consultant pool includes electronic and energy engineers, energy auditors, compressor, gas, and turbines specialists, renewable energy experts, technologists as well as professionals in the fields of finance and communication. Our strategic management will put together expert teams that ideally meet the requirements of our clients. In this way, we are able to offer a wide range of innovative, effective and sustainable solutions:

  • Energy Audit

    Broadband or selective audits help companies to understand and optimize their energy efficiency. Return on Investment (ROI) is usually achieved in less than 3-5 years!

  • enerSens

    Especially for energy-intensive companies the target oriented raising of energy awareness among members of staff has become a vital element of an efficient and sustainable energy strategy.

  • DIN-ISO 50001

    Purposeful preparations and dependable support during the implementation of an energy management system according to ISO

  • Energy +

    Tailored to meet your specific demands, we carry out highly complex projects in the field of cogeneration and the release of additional energy performances

  • Alternative Energies

    Climate change or change in climate policy? We support your entrepreneurial balancing act between ecological and economic interests and facilitate your transition to alternative energy sources

  • Financing Options

    Expert advice on (public) funding. Together with our financial partners we help you to develop the optimum financing strategy for your energy efficiency project.

Experts in Energy Efficiency

About Us

The numbers speak for themselves:



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Our mission „Do the right things at the right time in the right way“

The challenges of a globalized world are getting increasingly complex. One of them is the question how to facilitate a safe and sustainable global energy supply. Not only do we have to meet the requirements of growing industrial nations, there is also a rising demand for sustainability and justice in the allocation of resources. Quite a challenge, given today’s volatile commercial policy. Within the industrial sector, a conscious use of resources and the implementation of sustainable energy efficiency strategies make a decisive contribution to solve these challenges.

For that reason Group GCE supports producing enterprises worldwide in meeting their own economic requirements and sociopolitical expectations, while making a valuable contribution to the protection of the environment.

As a Munich based GmbH we are facing other challenges than our colleagues of Group GCE in St. Petersburg, Sao Paolo or New Delhi. If you speak of energy efficiency in the context of emerging markets, you will usually aim at creating potential for further growth. Eastern European states want to become more competitive on the global market and lower their dependence on energy imports. We encounter quite a different situation in the highly developed industrial states of the West: Here all „low hanging fruits“ have long been picked and you need to start looking for additional saving potentials (such as the raising of energy awareness among members of staff) instead. At the same time companies have to adapt to changes within the electricity industry (from demand to supply orientation) and achieve economic success by means of a precise requirement forecast.

All in all we believe that promoting energy efficiency today means to act purposefully on a global level and do the right things at the right time in the right way.

Our team

Of course it takes extensive technological know-how and longstanding expertise to realize complex projects, but the main reason for the success of GCE Energy Consulting GmbH are our employees.

Experts in their respective fields of work, GCE brings together engineers, strategists, and communication specialists to collaborate in highly efficient interdisciplinary teams. Together with our international staff we have already achieved a great deal. We want to take this up in the future and constantly develop further.

For that reason we maintain an open corporate culture and encourage our staff to contribute to it in an active, creative and critical way. While our sense of community provides an excellent working basis, we put great emphasis on mutual respect, fairness and transparency. Within the team and towards our clients. Meet some of our colleagues:


Johannes Penzkofer

Managing Director

Those who don’t dare to act can’t even fail.


    Michael Breidung

    Head of strategic projects

    Understanding a problem is the first step in solving it.


      Natallia Maloikina

      Energy engineer

      It’s not enough to have potential. You have to use it.



        All over the world customers put their trust in the longstanding experience and expertise of Group GCE.

        GCE Energy Consulting GmbH supports several global players across the following sectors: Automotive, oil, gas, metal, paper, machinery and equipment, glass, ceramic, plastic, cement and building materials, biotechnology, chemicals and pharmaceuticals, hospital and healthcare, food and beverage, logistics, as well as power generators and distributors.

        We measure our success by your enthusiasm. Among our satisfied customers are:



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